Weekly Thoughts: Mental De-cluttering 101

Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self. -Eleanor Brownn

It’s a typical Monday night, raining outside and I’m clearly worn out by my boss. Tired and stressed out, I need a safe place, a shoulder to lean on and an innocent face to complain life problems with. And there I am, alone and writing a blog about self-worth life goals much?

If you are reading my blog, you clearly know me, or at least have heard of me (not insta-famous by-the-way), and you would definitely know how incredibly sensitive and needy underneath my tough and independent outlook. My parents are lovingly adorable, my dad still calls me every week to catch up with me,  and I am lucky enough to say that I always get what I want. And I just cannot deal with anything that goes against my plan, and yeah in some ways you can say that I am a selfish and self-centered brat. And is being selfish such a bad thing? Does self-love equals to selfishness?

The answer is, no. If you are coming to me and asking me for relationship advice, and how your partner ignores your messages to hang out with their friends each weekend, then I’ll say that you probably have too much time and too little hobbies to start with. To understand own’s self worthiness, you must first build up your life, surround yourself with good people and minimize complexity, less is more. And how do I know that? Well I have experienced it first hand, revolving my life around a person with no social life or hobbies, and what did I end up with? Myself. And I am not saying that this experience is a bad thing, we are who we are today with all our mistakes, but being in your 20s/30s is to have a say in your own life, to determine which type of person is toxic for you, to just be dumb and broke. To de-clutter all the old and moldy things that do not need to stay in your mind, we must all start believing that we have the power to change our own life by just maintaining to my motto: Never settle for less.

These are the list of changes I made and will (hopefully) continue:

  1. Stop whining about my life and how others seem to lead a better life
  2. Start. Doing. Exercises. Workouts. At least 4 times a week
  3. Buy nice clothes and go out more! (We are all broke but it’s okay)
  4. Get rid of shits I don’t need at home
  5. Cooked myself a nice dinner and treated myself with good wine
  6. Read books and choose genres I normally would not read, e.g biographies
  7. Find one thing I am grateful for when I wake up every day
  8. Don’t be afraid to accept critiques, these are what make you strong
  9. Minimize time on my smart phone
  10. Realize who are people who truly care and stay away from toxic relationships that don’t help you grow

I hope my list could help you in some way if you can relate to what I have been saying, and let’s be more open to the changes we could bring to our life!


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