Poems Vol. 2 from 2017

Hi guys! November is a busy month for me and I received quite a lot of feedback from my last entry about my poems! So I decided to share a couple of them again- they are genuine records of my ups and downs in 2017. I hope you all can resonate with some of them 🙂 Cheers, E


I wrap myself with coats of paint

A chameleon hiding in the bushes

Red for lust, blue for sadness, green for peace of mind

But you will never see me in a single shade.

I pick up the paintbrush everyday

Never knowing what colour is in the can

Orange for excitement, white for beginning, black for comfort

You will see me as a rainbow gleaming in the clouds

But I won’t tell you

I am just a bowl of crayons

Lost and waiting to be found.


I tiptoed on that yellow afternoon

Rusty air and autumn leaves

I used footsteps to count the distance between us

Five steps to get to where you are, ten steps until I lose myself

Walking towards you with my shaking legs, you said;

Distance is not how far apart we are but

rather where our hearts lie.

But are you too distant that I’ll drown myself in my thoughts

or are we too close that one of us will start saying “I’m fine”?

I know exactly by then

what does it feel like to be right next to you

but feeling miles apart.


Harsh lights hitting onto the calm sea

Snow in the middle of summer

Out of tuned strings in a musician’s room


The shark in a flock of sardines

Rain in a sunny morning

Piano ballads a rocker’s would never sing


The last piece of the jigsaw puzzle

The only vacancy in a crowded carpark

Warm evenings in the middle of winter

Us -we are the band of misfits.


I guess Zeus is the one to blame

Our whole lives looking for our other half

He split our souls into two

and exiled us.

We are all half creatures

waiting to complete ourselves

while starving ourselves in sorrow and despair.

If love is unconfined by time and space

do you need a time machine to go back in our era

just so I can meet you?

If one is to have known 80,000 people throughout our lifetime

all the pedestrians I walked past each day

all the strangers that exchanged glances

are you one of them

or- have I lost you already?




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