Time for some New Year, New me shit!

Hey everyone pardon me for not updating for a while, I am back in Hong Kong for around 3 weeks now, still settling down though (never been able to write smoothly in this concrete jungle). And Happy New Year! It’s officially 2018 and I just want to do a little sum up of my life in 2017.

2017 was a year of change. I have made a few friends who I’ll treasure all my life and I have started this blog, I have picked up freelance writing and also learned to love myself just a little bit more. It’s me evolving into a different person over the course of several months, and as we all know that phrase “Change is the only constant”, I am not sure if this change is a beneficial thing for me, but I am sure I have to learn how to embrace it. I view love and life in a remarkably different way than I used to before, having used to make every decision according to my instincts and feelings, I have gradually learned to analyze choices with my past experiences, and then tried to put myself first, knowing that self love is not selfish. I am still learning along the way, but I believe that change is the only thing in this world that will push you forward like a swarm of sardines, and that when you tell me that I am not the person I am used to be, I would kindly take it as a compliment. I always think that life is a Hobson’s choice, when facing two equally different options, either take it or leave it. But don’t you ever settle for less.

To love, I hope that I will learn how to love without expecting anything (much) in return, because every person that tell you this probably underestimated how protective everyone can be. And I hope that love could be mild and kind, like the sound of sea waves, because I have long surpassed the age where love should be strong and scathing. I wish that everyone I care for could find peace with themselves and know that they are capable of their own happiness.

To youth, I hope that I could keep you in a box in the back of mind, as youth is not counted by years but rather at heart. I hope the fire inside me would never burn out, but light up everyone that get close to me. And that I should remember I don’t need to prove to everyone that I am worthy of something, as actions would always, always speak louder than words.

Finally, to 2018, I don’t wish for a “new me”, but rather retaining the root of myself but continue to grow until I reach the stars. And at last, I hope that everyone could find their own Utopia in this crumbled world of ours.


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