Poems Vol. Heartbreak 2018

Mars and Jupiter

I hate myself for not walking away when I should have

For listening to all those reasons I know are excuses

Clenching my jaws for all the words left unsaid

Holding back the tears when I walked home that night

We are Mars and Jupiter

Never in sync, no matter how hard we tried

I would always be the one to lose in this hopeless game of yours

Forever guessing on your next move

I fell into your sanctuary, your warmth is excruciating

I lost my world while finding yours.


I think I’m getting used to all of this

Love is a ruthless trade

All it does is rip you off-

They say that nothing is permanent, even pain

But I’ll always, always remember

The night you said goodbye

That pain is holding onto me like a tattoo

3 minutes, I told myself- and I’ll forget you

And by then I would never know

Forgetting you takes just as much courage as loving you


I got lost in your gaze

That gaze that’s enough for me to fall into forever

On that chilly evening we wrapped our arms around each other

So cold that I can’t feel my hands but I can feel yours

I still got your smell on my collar

That- was the moment for me.

Please, don’t turn around

I’m afraid I’ll hold you tight for good

But I’ll be waiting on you

Whether it’s cold or it’s rough

Pardon me for thinking I’ll never be good enough

I never imagined love could be like this.


You will never get the best of me

Cause I took off all my sharp edges just to fit in

But I am not your missing piece of puzzle

My dignity grinding in dirt

My heart broken into pieces

My stuttering words, your cold eyes

That’s when I realized-

I’m feeling more alone with my blind hope


What if- you stayed when I most needed you

When I am childish and fluorescent

When I am just too much for you to handle

When all of my dreams seem so faraway

You are the last thing I think of when I fall asleep at night

The last bit of luck I got left

And what if- I told you all the truth you needed to hear

When all you want is honesty

When you still believed in me

When I should have held you in my arms that night

Would I still be drowned in this twirling sea of memories right now?

Or are we destined to get lost and never find each other again.

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