Dear Mars,

Dear Mars,

Should I have known by then how you really felt

Those days when you felt like you don’t understand Jupiter at all

Those nights when you felt like we are just too far apart

You are wild and free- your never ending energy is mesmerizing;

I am reserved and quiet, you never would have known how much you mean to me.

Right now, we are planets away, far from each other

You left with no goodbyes

I still see you in my dreams, running around in circles

You might be moving on right now, but don’t you remember?

The reason you loved me before, and how we said that our edges fit one another

That night when we got together and my hands were shaking

That look you gave when my mistakes hurt you so much

Stepping foot onto Mars is never an easy thing for me

I played nonchalant when I should have shown you my real colours

Disguised as a Martian myself when I should have let you in

Our indifferences cut your heart in half.

Now, won’t you tell me before I leave

If asking you to stay is a selfish thing to do, because you belong to Mars

If you really can feel how much I adore you but you don’t want it anymore

If getting lost in the crowd again is the only thing you want

I’ll build spaceships to get to you.

They tell me, just turn around and leave- time will heal

You are walking away and I should too

Time is nothing but agonizing pain to me

I can feel our memories turning into ashes

But how can I let go when the only thing I want is you.

May 2018

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