Poem Vol. 1 2018


I guess I am tired living in this little fantasy of mine

When I still thought I got your heart

I am the one who crushed it in the first place

But the little pieces of truth came after midnight

They came whispering into my ear; gentle but clear

I covered my eyes, then watched them turn into giants

We are David and Goliath

I walked in with my sticks and stones, but you brought your sharpest spear

The worst enemies are those you love most;

They remind me that you are gone even in my sweetest dreams

Stomped me and never turned back

But if you ever do think of me

You will see me standing there, beaten but not defeated.


Let’s end this war- you said

You are tired struggling in this back and forth battle of ours

Lies are the nuclear weapon and I watched it burst

I guess I looked at you long enough to know

The veins in your eyes are straining you

I would never know how many times you cried behind my back

And I stand there with my white flag all this time

Made you think that even our love was a lie

Is this love or are we doomed to sink each other’s boats

And then I finally realized- you don’t need a warrior

You just need a King.


The hardest truth are the ones we hide from ourselves

When we don’t even know they exist

Truth is harder to take in than lies

It’s like a pill you cannot swallow

And even if you do, they thrust in your throat

Begging for attention, craving to be seen

And then you have to go through all those sleepless nights with the rock in your heart

Wondering why you are never good enough

But the truth is-

How can you face others when you can’t even face yourself?


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