It’s been a month since you are gone

All the things you left are still on the floor

The summer heat is burning on the window frame

Salty air, wrinkled sheets

Seasons are just a reminder of time to me

I told myself I should never write about you anymore

But you are the muse in the back of my mind

Running around in circles is pretty exhausting for me

I heard you are starting over with someone else

Saw your smile up on the Internet

I thought I could just brush it off

The way that you did before

But all I got is this icy cold memories of us fading away

and that fiery regret scathing on my chest

I mailed letters and I waited for your call

Holding on to that false hope thinking you have never closed your door

I don’t want to turn back time

Because I know the person I was never deserved to be with someone like you

I’m like a sinking ship that will kill us both.

But still- I wish you all the best things in the world

Although I still loathe myself for losing our future to my immature

I don’t know if I have ever crossed your mind;

But if I ever do, please remember, every little moments shared with you are true.

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