Poems Vol. 2 2018

No Strings Attached

I remember the first time we talked

About our scars and tears

We are so alike

And there I was, tearing down my walls and waiting for you to come in

Because I held my guard up too much I forgot how it felt

For someone to walk in to my life, I feel like I’ve known you forever

No strings attached- we said

We are both too fragile to start something new

But baby won’t you stay with me for just one moment

I want to hold you in my arms, light a candle and talk about things we’ve never told anyone else

Who knows what tomorrow can bring?

But I will be your cure right now, anywhere, anytime.


I lost count of days I spent waiting on something that won’t come true

Those days left me fatigued, blood draining out of my body

For months I felt empty and meaningless

And then you came along, with that soft voice of yours humming inside my head

You told me you are broken too

And that you will be by my side through all of this

You are my damsel in distress;

And I am just a soul half filled

Weakness is a sign of strength, you said

I never believed this but here I am- finding elegance in this disastrous havoc

Waving our flags in this glorified melancholy of ours

And together we can fight the blues in us.


They laugh at what you say

Because they will never understand the colours that lie beneath you

People laugh at things they don’t understand

You smile and hide the real you

And one day you get so tired of caring what other people would say anymore

Words can be mercury in water-

But you’d rather be poisoned than to swim with the sea of sardines

Blindly saying yes when all you want is to say no

You’d rather be alone than waiting for verification

What’s the point in blending in the crowd anyway

When most of them don’t know where they are heading

But you do.


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