Poems Vol 1. 2019


I’m dragging my fatigued body up the street

a rotten heart, motionless face, I am in a maze I cannot seem to find a way out;

all I have are those streetlights-

that stand so tall and unreachable, but I found the dim lights comforting

as if the light waves can reach my face, I looked up and thought to myself:

Can you guide me home?


That rainy night we were on the phone

Talking for hours about ourselves-

we just went on and on, and we never seemed to get tired of it.

Then we went to the balcony for a smoke break

we are miles apart; but connected

we lit our cigarette at the same time

and in that very moment when I look upon the stars

I saw you in the flickering light.


When midnight talks turned into silence

When hugging and giggling turned into hiding in our own beds

When dinner dates became responsibilities

When spending a day with you turned into a burden

When you acted so nonchalant after a fight

When everything turned silent- that’s when you know.


It comes at night, knocking on my door

First it started with slow knocks

Then, it started to knock repeatedly;

Knock, knock, knock, knock

The knocking sounds invaded my mind

The sounds that thrust through my brain

So repetitive and repulsive


I walked out of my bed to that door

Trying to figure out who’s knocking-

And all I found out

Is my shadow all along.

Sidenote: It’s been a while since I have updated this blog, but I think it’s about time for me to update and write again, writing is my passion and will always be.

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