Tales from the Past, Present and Future Vol.1


Denim jacket, the first night we met-

I guess you’ll never know, that’s my haunting memories of you

the way you looked at me and I was too shy to look you right in the eye

the life of the party and the wallflower, what a match.

Proses and poems never articulated my hollowness

Our love runs like mercury, and we swallowed it all

it would have been you, if the poison didn’t kill us

I am on some new things now, been saying yes instead of no

Saw you walking down the street with the same old denim jacket,

your eyes shone brighter than ever before-

and that’s the moment I know,

“If you never bleed, you will never gonna grow”.

I saw a movie today, “The Shape of Water”,

I guess you would have liked that, but I never got the call back.


He stood tall with his hands back

Strolling around like a lost wanderer- but he knows where he’s heading.

Hair slicked back for 60 years, pomade and comb

Never shy of his agate emblem ring, it shines through the sunlight; so bright

Met the love of his life at 17, I guess he won her heart with his intriguing hazel eyes

I would have asked you questions but my rebellion has gone rogue.

Lost in transit but you always had my back

Now your emblem is carved onto my skin

Your legacy will go on.


3 summers gone and came right back,

the midnight haze brushed through my hair

Saw you under the neon lights, “Let’s go”, you said

Shining so bright, it’s fluorescent

but I can’t see through you

You caught me in the darkest of times,

don’t tell me this is a bad timing

or you trust what’s meant to be will be-

You will always be what I am looking for.

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