Well. Where can I start?

I was born in Melbourne, Australia and I have spent a quarter of my life studying there, but I am a proud Hong Kong citizen. I am the Founder of an Digital Marketing Agency and a book nerd whose passion is to write.  If you are looking for something interesting to read, please leave.

I have full interest in traveling, movies and obviously writing. Working my ass off running my new company,  I enjoyed my time while I find time to write about almost anything that comes up to my mind and I also writes poems (a lot too). And yes, I will be writing in Chinese occasionally although I am not too good at it.

So why do I write this blog? Because- I have major aspirations to be a writer when I grow up, being a NY Times columnist, news anchor, travel book writer (what?) blah blah blah. Help change the world a bit, maybe a little at a time. Reality crashes and sometimes you end up at a place you never expected you to be in. And here I am now!

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